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Illustration of a bed bug; common in Derby. we provide the very best in pest control across Derby.  We take pride in the fast, effective and safe pest control measures that we use to deal with any sort of pest.  So whatever sort of pest you have got a problem with, contact us by filling in the instant call back form and we'll be in touch within 5 minutes.
Here is a very brief description of some of the services we provide.  This list is not comprehensive however.

Pest Control Derby Services

Ant Control -   We will prevent the ants getting into your home and destroy the ants' nest.

Bed Bugs Treatment – Using a special insecticide powder we will get rid of all of the bed bugs in your room quickly.

Cockroach Treatment – By using a fogger we will be able to kill all of the cockroaches in their nest for the most effective cockroach treatment.

Flea Treatment – We can advise you on the best way to treat your pets that have fleas, as well as removing all of the flea larva in the pet's environment.

Mouse Control – With the use of humane mouse traps we can quickly eliminate  a mouse infestation.
Pigeon Control – By using pigeon nets and/or anti-pigeon spikes, we will be able to prevent pigeons from perching on your property.

Rat Control – Using rat traps in most situations, we can catch and dispose of rats quickly and effectively.

Squirrel Control – Squirrels can cause havoc in your loft or your garden.  Using squirrel traps we can quickly remove them from the area.

Termite Control – We will stop the termites entering your property and then go about finding and destroying the nest.

Wasp Removal – Using a special insecticide we will quickly and safely be able to kill all of the wasps in a wasps' nest.

Woodworm Removal – After identifying the species and the extent of the woodworm infestation we will choose the appropriate treatment to get rid of them.

Fleas under the fur of a dog, common in Derby. Again, please feel free to get in touch, even if the pest you're having trouble with is not listed anywhere on the site, these are just some of the more common problems.  We can deal with any pest.

Also, please not that in addition to dealing with current infestations we can also advise you on how to best prevent future infestation from taking hold in the first place.

24 Hour Service

Pest Control Derby is available 24/7 to take care of any pest infestation.  So whatever your problem might be we can be with you to deal with it very soon.

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If you would like a free quotation, you want to arrange a visit for one of our pest control technicians, or you would just like to ask some questions about the services Pest Control Derby can provide, please feel free to get in touch.  It couldn't be easier, simply fill out the form provided for an instant call back within 5 minutes.  You don't have to ring us so it's totally free!



imgI would definitely recommend Pest Control Derby to anyone in the area, I found your pest controller to be very friendly and helpful.Woodworm Removal, Mr L. Burns, Little Chester, Derbyimg



imgWe get a wasps nest in our loft nearly every season, thanks for the advice on keeping them away.Wasp Removal, Mr and Mrs H. Watts, California, Derbyimg



imgI like watching squirrels in parks, but I'm glad you got them out of my loft!Squirrel Control, Miss U. Webster, Kingsway, Derbyimg



imgThanks for all the help.Rat Control, Mr J. Cole, Chaddlesdon, Derbyimg